Friday, May 25, 2012

Overview of Satellite-X dealers

dealer script. and for recommending the sale to receive your bonus.

1) The oldest.
The oldest dealer - it is yellow blogger. He began to recommend our product even if the script is in its infancy walked. Yellow indicators are low in sales, but now you can catch it online is not often. Amber lives in Dagestan, is building its network of websites and blogs, slowly cuts loot - from month to month, more and more.
http://blog. seonews2. com /.

2) The most selling.
It peps. Peps launched a very real assault on the brain network users and successfully sold a script. At the moment - this is the only dealer who ends each month with a premium. It is safe to say that almost a third of buyers script - is the work of Pepsi. What else can be noted Pepsi - it's his work on a support of its customers.
http://wmsale. net /.

3) The most feminine.
Among the dealers have two girls - it's Kate ( seovuman ) and the Night Lady. Both are sold around the same level. Both quickly and easily mastered the script and did not have a project on it. At night the Lady even has its own project planned for release in the near future CmsTD.
http://sat-x. info /.
http://seowoman. ru /.

4) The most promising newcomer.
Michael did his project xsatellite. ru recently. But in fact - is a standalone project, capable of selling a script at any time. In addition, Michael makes a surprise its customers. In particular, an advanced built-in dictionary for sinonimayzera.
http://xsatellite. ru /.

Another worth mentioning RWMan with its project. satellitex. ru. And Roland Chashishvili with his PR in the. www. chanishvili. org. And as an army of dealers who do not have their own sites PR script, but still constantly recommending it as the people who use it in everyday practice.

If someone did not mention it in the comments accomplish your goal, make sure your familiar with the works of.


Omsk is holding a contest with prizes -. draw a caricature of a blogger. Take a picture, think up a signature win a prize.

A RWMan energetically promoting. a new service for the promotion of sites. I myself have not tried it yet, but an interesting idea. I'll wait until the swing.

Who was the first to leave a comment, gets guard in the next post, but not two in a row. The campaign will last the whole of August. Pervonahi not considered to be the first comments and removed.

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