Friday, November 2, 2012

How to extract emails from websites? Website email extractor.

Just found out information about cool application named email extractor. It extracts email addresses from forums. Do you know how to take out their email addresses from forums and blogs ? You can search them manually by using Google, Yahoo, Bing or let this work do to email extractor which automates the process.

Sometimes you don't know where your prospects hang on Use these keywords in email extractor and it will search and extract all of them in search engine like bing and then extract emails from all of them. Do you know where your potential customers spend time on internet ? I believe they are live on websites such as forums and blogs. The best way to sell your products is to contact customers directly.

Email extractor can grab email addresses on websites like forum, blog, Facebook, Twitter or in any other place where customers are concentrated. In some cases you don't have desire to scan and extract emails form the whole site . Just enter pages urls and email extractor will do the work for you. You can extract all emails from text files.

What if you have a great product/service you create and it is not well-known yet. How to reach your audience/customers? You definitely need to advertise it somehow. Extract emails from blogs, forums, websites Enter site/blog/forum name you want to extract email addresses. Email extractor can also take out emails from mail boxes, documents.

Sometimes you don't know sites you need to scan for emails but you might have relevant and domain specific keywords describing your potential customers. What you need to do is to enter relevant keywords in the in application and press start button inside email extractor. Email extractor tool is a great choice when you must contact customers and let them know about your new service or product. They all have email addresses. Some of them leave contact info such as emails addresses, phones on websites.

Monday, June 4, 2012

situational marketing

How long we suffer with our delivery service. Who is our audience? . Disputes were a whole bunch of. In parallel, I read the book ... They described the history of successful and unsuccessful products. So, they give evidence, that the product should be positioned to the execution of what that work. He was hired. Because it solves a problem. And from this point of view and his position is. Not in terms of people, but in terms of problems or situations using. It is used to create a product and for its further development. In line with this concept, we have identified the basic situation of use:.

  1. Our client is located in a place other than the restaurant and cafe is NOT. Somewhere where there may be problems with food. Home or office.

  2. Our client feels the need to. Is hungry, wants a particular dish, wants beer.

  3. Our client is pleased with its complexity. No hunting is preparing to go to the store, an empty fridge.

And all. These three points completely describe the situation of our. Accordingly, the task of promoting what?.

  1. The client to know that it is possible to order all of this (informing the client knows the name or even just the existence ).

  2. So that he could easily find us when he remembered and wanted to order ( easy search, availability in our catalog, the position in search engines, etc. Dr.. ).

After that, everything is divided into two streams of activities: information and convenience of. Information:.

  1. Building a distribution network of offline (saunas, apartments, hotels without kitchens).

  2. Cheap Advertising ( graffiti on the sidewalks, flyers for car windshield wipers, flyers, business cards ).

  3. Banner Advertising.


  1. Connecting additional suppliers.

  2. Adding any buns on the site ( news, presets, articles, etc. Dr.. ).

  3. Expanding presence in catalogs.

Here is a practical part. And before that we thought about advertising on radio, television and billboards. I'll tell you later how it all works.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The most iconic and notable events in Russia in 2008.

Added a version of the joke about the blog did have some sympathy for the two readers other than me. The rest of my personal opinion correlates well with the opinion of Voters.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Came third beta version of Internet pager QIP Infium

Came third beta version of Internet pager QIP Infium. QIP Infium allows you to connect simultaneously to different networks, instant messaging, supports modularity, is compatible with the Unicode standard and has several other advantages over the previous version - QIP 2005.

In the latest version of the ICQ module is added manually check the status of the offline contacts in the module Jabber item ' Received Files ' in the popup menu and the ability to send a quick message search, the module MRA protocol in the context menu item was added to change avatar. In addition, produced multiple kernel upgrade programs and renewal in the chat module, as well as bug fixes.

podrobnosti. ua.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Overview of Satellite-X dealers

dealer script. and for recommending the sale to receive your bonus.

1) The oldest.
The oldest dealer - it is yellow blogger. He began to recommend our product even if the script is in its infancy walked. Yellow indicators are low in sales, but now you can catch it online is not often. Amber lives in Dagestan, is building its network of websites and blogs, slowly cuts loot - from month to month, more and more.
http://blog. seonews2. com /.

2) The most selling.
It peps. Peps launched a very real assault on the brain network users and successfully sold a script. At the moment - this is the only dealer who ends each month with a premium. It is safe to say that almost a third of buyers script - is the work of Pepsi. What else can be noted Pepsi - it's his work on a support of its customers.
http://wmsale. net /.

3) The most feminine.
Among the dealers have two girls - it's Kate ( seovuman ) and the Night Lady. Both are sold around the same level. Both quickly and easily mastered the script and did not have a project on it. At night the Lady even has its own project planned for release in the near future CmsTD.
http://sat-x. info /.
http://seowoman. ru /.

4) The most promising newcomer.
Michael did his project xsatellite. ru recently. But in fact - is a standalone project, capable of selling a script at any time. In addition, Michael makes a surprise its customers. In particular, an advanced built-in dictionary for sinonimayzera.
http://xsatellite. ru /.

Another worth mentioning RWMan with its project. satellitex. ru. And Roland Chashishvili with his PR in the. www. chanishvili. org. And as an army of dealers who do not have their own sites PR script, but still constantly recommending it as the people who use it in everyday practice.

If someone did not mention it in the comments accomplish your goal, make sure your familiar with the works of.


Omsk is holding a contest with prizes -. draw a caricature of a blogger. Take a picture, think up a signature win a prize.

A RWMan energetically promoting. a new service for the promotion of sites. I myself have not tried it yet, but an interesting idea. I'll wait until the swing.

Who was the first to leave a comment, gets guard in the next post, but not two in a row. The campaign will last the whole of August. Pervonahi not considered to be the first comments and removed.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Painted stones from the Ernestina Gallina

This girl Ernestina Gallina, professionally engaged in painting on stone. The artist from Italy for more than 10 years, paints acrylic paint on the rocks. In addition to numerous publications and museum razrisovanyh stones she created another club painted stones '. Rock Painting Club Italia on Yahoo Groups. '. In her statement, on average, one job, she spends from one to three days. But what she has obtained work!. painted stones. gaining in popularity, and to be ' subject ' should be aware of the most advanced craftsmen and their work in this is not easy, but actually very nice ))).

Рисунки на камне

Рисунки на камне

Рисунки на камне

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Рисунки на камне

Рисунки на камне

Рисунки на камне

Monday, May 7, 2012


Nagase, and HP Lovecraft.

In the underground labyrinths are numerous caves, caves, crevices and gaps, for some time by the authorities tightly closed bars. And it is not surprising, because in the depths of chinkanas went missing dozens of unknown adventurers, driven by curiosity and a thirst for profit. Those who managed to escape, nevertheless, severely damaged after a desperate reason walks in darkness. In the fragmentary stories of prisoners who had escaped the caves appear now and then scare them half to death with unknown substance. These ...
In the ancient cultures of South America, India and the Himalayan legends and stories about the man and the snake - man - lizards something out of the ordinary is not considered. In the folk tradition says Nagase - living under the earth -humans - Semi-Serpent. According to Indian legend, in their caves Nagase hold countless treasures. Hlodnokrovnye as lizards, these creatures are not able to experience human emotions. They can not warm up and steal heat, physical and spiritual, the other living creatures. The children Nagase brought into our world deceit, hypocrisy, fear.
In South America, narrate legends about chelovekozmeyah Hopi. Underground monsters became heroes of stories HP Lovecraft, the father of science fiction thrillers. In comparing the texts of his half-mad with the stories of eyewitnesses, survivors of the caves, it is striking strikingly similar descriptions of. Perhaps Lovecraft actually had to deal with a half human - Semi-Serpent?.

Black Mountain Kalkadzhaka.

Recently in Australia, Black Mountain - Kalkadzhake reminiscent of a huge pile of coal, there was something striking.
Geologists believe that this array of about 250 million years, fans of the same mystical claim that the mountain itself was built by someone, but what we see now - nothing but ruins. A local legend says that within the mountain there is the entrance to the underground empire, ruled by reptiliany, which are fish-men. One of the local residents in a conversation with a Czech explorer Ivan Makerle said: ...
Makerle aboriginal and have believed in the company of his friends decided to climb the mountain on the dry river bed. Shortly before the eyes of travelers revealed a dark place. Silence deafening. Friends, in order not to lose self-control began to pitch a tent and make fun of each other, when he heard that from a cliff directly above them tumbled stone. It seemed as if something had crept upon them from the mountain. At first they thought it was an animal, but then he heard footsteps as if someone was going to the tent. Pulled out of the dark lantern dark shapeless mass, swayed to the dark wall of black bushes and trees, and soon dissipated. No traces could not be found.
People in the vicinity of Black Mountain lost since 1877. Greiner postman who went on horseback to look for flocks of otbivshegosya calf disappeared without a trace, along with a horse. A few years later to escape their pursuers, an escaped convict Jack Sugar Foot, and two of his friend hid in the mountains, and they were never seen. After another 13 years, Constable Ryan chased the offender and came to the foot of the mountain. Other police and went on his trail, we saw that they lead into the interior of a cave. Since then, Ryan was gone. To the list of missing miner was soon added the Rennes.

Cold-blooded in the jungles of Zaire.

However, the move from stories to facts. In the jungle of Zaire French ethnographic expedition was discovered a primitive tribe of pygmies. These savages, instead of articulate speech pulled out grunts and cries, and from the ridge protruding growths, like the ancient dinosaurs and modern reptiles, some. ... Head of research group. - They even have children. The cause of the build-up is probably some sort of genetic mutation ... Rapid analysis of tissues and blood of the Pygmies showed that they - poikilothermic, or cold-blooded, creature, whose body temperature varies with ambient temperature.
Among the modern cold-blooded vertebrates to include fish, amphibians and reptiles, and among extinct - dinosaurs.
The discovery by French scientists make careful to listen to fairy tales and legends that exist in almost all nations, where references to the strange creatures resembling small dinosaurs.
Legends of the East as follows: ... Others were completely naked, and opened our eyes muscular torsos of young people. Their eyes were closed. His mouth opened slightly in the faint smile, nose protruded sharply. But the most interesting - just above the place where a person 's nose begins, they have clearly seen some swelling, something like a third eye, covered with a thin film ...
It may, indeed ancient dinosaurs could be the progenitors of the people, dinosaurs, discovered by French scientists in Africa?.
A Russian biologist. Stegalin in the article tried to paint a portrait of a conditional supposedly existed before human civilization serpentoidov, as he called these strange creatures. The first representatives of serpentoidnoy race appeared on Earth back in the Mesozoic era. It was then, 270 million years ago, the dominant role played by the reptile on the planet. Canadian paleontologist Dale Russell is studying the remains of dinosaurs, dinosaurs suddenly discovered, which called stehonihozavrami, very reminiscent of serpentoidov A. Stegalina.

The civilization of human - dinosaur.

Stehonihozavr - small, moving on two legs Raptor appeared about 70 million years ago, in the twilight of the Mesozoic era. He had a large head with huge eye sockets, and slotted pupils. This feature and made the Raptor ... Three-fingered hands, ... Its growth was about one meter 35 centimeters, the body is covered with strong scales. And the size of the brain increased as fast as that of the ape-like ancestors of man. Therefore, under certain conditions, according to Dale Russell, these animals might be intelligent beings. Known as the American scientist Carl Sagan believes that among the ancient reptiles in the evolution of any chelovekozavry, the highest form of dinosaurs, according to intelligence and morphology as close to the people. They had plenty of time for evolution - after all humanity ...

Over time, the representatives of an ancient race chelovekozavrov degenerated, and became the ruler of the earth people. Sometimes, people, dinosaurs were the teachers of primitive tribes, as has happened in America, India and Babylon. However, the most intelligent reptiles attacked the young representatives of civilization and in the legends featured exclusively as a treacherous snakes and dragons are evil, which ought to ruthless war. Gradually, people, dinosaurs pushed to the surface of the Earth in caves and hollow, almost uninhabited corners of our planet. Obviously, there chelovekozavry live to this day.

Author: Both. Reshetnikov.
Source - http://x-files. org. ua /.