Monday, June 4, 2012

situational marketing

How long we suffer with our delivery service. Who is our audience? . Disputes were a whole bunch of. In parallel, I read the book ... They described the history of successful and unsuccessful products. So, they give evidence, that the product should be positioned to the execution of what that work. He was hired. Because it solves a problem. And from this point of view and his position is. Not in terms of people, but in terms of problems or situations using. It is used to create a product and for its further development. In line with this concept, we have identified the basic situation of use:.

  1. Our client is located in a place other than the restaurant and cafe is NOT. Somewhere where there may be problems with food. Home or office.

  2. Our client feels the need to. Is hungry, wants a particular dish, wants beer.

  3. Our client is pleased with its complexity. No hunting is preparing to go to the store, an empty fridge.

And all. These three points completely describe the situation of our. Accordingly, the task of promoting what?.

  1. The client to know that it is possible to order all of this (informing the client knows the name or even just the existence ).

  2. So that he could easily find us when he remembered and wanted to order ( easy search, availability in our catalog, the position in search engines, etc. Dr.. ).

After that, everything is divided into two streams of activities: information and convenience of. Information:.

  1. Building a distribution network of offline (saunas, apartments, hotels without kitchens).

  2. Cheap Advertising ( graffiti on the sidewalks, flyers for car windshield wipers, flyers, business cards ).

  3. Banner Advertising.


  1. Connecting additional suppliers.

  2. Adding any buns on the site ( news, presets, articles, etc. Dr.. ).

  3. Expanding presence in catalogs.

Here is a practical part. And before that we thought about advertising on radio, television and billboards. I'll tell you later how it all works.

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