Wednesday, March 21, 2012

33 accident

This is not typical of an article for my blog. However, the coincidence struck me, resented, and, of course, introduced in the philosophical ' spin '.

Advancing the old New Year, everything was calm and no signs of anything wrong. I'm just 13. 01 is the deadline for registration and payment for the domain hosting. I'm in no hurry to pay, t. to. in our age of progress, not getting up for a few minutes of payment can be made via the Internet. On Friday, the 11th, I wrote an account have a payment method to credit card - as usual - at www. assist. ru paid. In the evening the bell rang first: it's a letter that the authentication failed due to timeout. Hmm, did not pass? . I went to the nearest terminal pay to add money to your wallet web money and pay off his hosting and domain. He has made, money in the WM-purse, and was not a day later. This is followed by calls to technical support to the terminal, it is natural to say that they have to do with it, the web money- there at all surprised at my problem again in the terminal. Finally, I promised that the money will come the day after. And hosting the meantime I have disabled the. And why 33 disaster, while only one in the colors I described? . That's all that happened one day that ill-fated New Year's old:.

  1. Abandoned by my observation, my 6-month daughter fell off the couch. I'm just something for 2 seconds and then looked back I heard ' boom! '. I looked, and it is already up on the carpet is. I almost turned gray.

  2. snails died. That's what she was missing? .

  3. No one (! ) Phone. round the clock. services of those. support on Saturday and Sunday are not answered, either terminal or web money, no bank.

  4. Hosted disabled.

  5. Iron was broken.

  6. Burned out light bulb expensive.

  7. Ice cream was gone, which is very much like to eat in this cute family holiday.

  8. The notebook came his wife, though on the edge.

  9. Notebook for the first time use overheated and shut down.

  10. Neighbors rattled in the top 12 at night, so that the child woke up and cried. I had to go to deal.

  11. And finally, close to the best feeling almost crippled.

By night, I realized that this is such a thick black stripe, the day of such. Huddled in a corner and was still there, spitting on all of these hosting services, terminals, lamps and irons. And pah-pah -pah, help. The band was, and as if by magic, everything will work, without further my gestures: the account is still held, hosting involved, the money for WM-purse arrived, neighbors, no noise.

Like, ' philosophical ':.

  1. Even with a pile of ways to pay, is not a small probability that the available methods of payment all at once will not work.

  2. If the circumstances it was too unrealistic leaned on you, forget it all. Over time, will resolve.

AND FINALLY: The shame and disgrace of the technical support web money and terminals OSMP! . In a letter by e-mail was not a single answer.

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