Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hindus prepare ' killer Google Earth'

The Indian Space Research Organisation (Indian Space Research Organisation, ISRO) announced its intention to shortly launch a site that will rival the famous cartographic resource is Google Earth.

According to Sify News, head of the organization Madhavan Nair says that after six months on the Internet, you will see ... However, he said, all sorts of sensitive sites or in general will not be published or will be ' smeared '.

In what form will appear before the service users, and what will be the purpose of its existence, it is unclear. To compete with Google Earth it will be quite difficult - especially because the U.S. share of any offers users a lot of nice features like fishechek add photos and notes.

Recall that the Indians themselves have had problems with Google Earth, which is laid out in the open access photographs of government buildings and military facilities that could, according to the military, ' to ensure the enemy an advantage '. Soon after, the administration overstepped the resource to the retouching of satellite imagery.

It should be noted that an analogue of Google Earth ( if we forget about the French Geoportail and similar resources) exists in Russia - at last year's ' Yandex ' has satellite maps of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region.

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