Thursday, March 22, 2012

All X- products for free!

Since 2012, about the second half of January, all members of the. club Bablorubov. with the karma of 0. 10 have access to the latest stable distribution of each product from the X-series: Satellite-X, Dorgen-X, Dorgen-X dynamic, Panel-X, AutoBlog-X and Platnik-X. Despite the fact that support for discontinued software, software is laid out in the latest stable version, and the socket is supported on a voluntary basis by the programmer and a group of sympathizers.

To get to the club is quite simple: you. buy Invite. or cajole him from those with whom he has. Next you enter the invite on the main page of the club and get into a club. The cost, invite - 15WMZ or equivalent in WMR / POISON. Payment is once and for all. If you do not activate an invite right away, but do not worry - it is an open-ended.

After connecting the free distribution of the second half of January, invite the cost will be raised to 20WMZ. Yes, we raise the bar for entry restrictions.

Those who want to earn on the sale of invites can advertise them in your blogs or other forums, add a link to the sale, invite. Number of agent you are taking from the section profile on the site of billing. digiseller. net. After registering it. On your account for 30% of each sold, invite.

Good luck to all and Happy New Year!.

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