Monday, April 2, 2012

About the school

Andrew Troy wondered how I spent my first day of Knowledge. When I was seven years old, this day is not yet so called. It was 1984, I was recorded in the best schools of the city, although, of course, the residents of the Kaliningrad region Chernyakhovsk can argue with me and. I remember before the interview was recorded, but the questions do not remember. I remember that our class - then quite unknown to each other children - stood around one side of fence, in which the ear of mature marigolds.

Not a matinee, or the first lesson, I can not remember. Possibly, then the reigning tradition for us to come to class veteran and said something about the traditions. Most likely, each of us was holding a bouquet of flowers, which gave its first teacher. That's her name, I remember: Ignatyevna. It was the old, hardened in combat with the first-graders a teacher, regularly dyeing his hair in a rare poisonous colors, why they looked like a wig.

In elementary school I was bored. Then the children do not even zadrachivali in gardens and homes, and read - write them in school. For me, who already knew how to, recipe and the study of letters was a real torture. But, thank God, most of the first class, I was sick, that has not stopped me in his letter about the end of a perfect end.

Frankly, I do not really understand the attacks on the institution of schooling. I do not understand the attacks with no alternative. You say something bad - better offer. Today, such a mass of other ways to occupy teenagers do not exist. As well as teach them a sufficient number of skills and knowledge for further development. I guess in this world parents can give their children more, but they are not letting their children to school, it will deprive developing communication skills. Believe me, it is better to get pizdyuley in school and learn how to react to them than to face it in real life.

Although what I. I just happened at school are rarely bored or sad. And now, as I think most of my classmates shared my feelings quite. We suffered together in the music lessons and cut your fingers on the lessons of working together collecting scrap paper and went to the stadium, practicing an exercise for the Victory Day. It was a glorious time. Exchange it for the dreary stay at home or in the yard? .

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