Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sisyphean task

Sisyphean task. ( material from. Wikipedia. ).

I want to write a bit about, why we should start a project. Of course, there are projects that are fashionable to raise butstrepingom. But there are projects that no investment is not podymesh. Most of these projects are related to the production of electronics, medicine, nanotechnology, energy, large internet projects. These projects should raise money for mutual funds.

Most of these major projects suffer from two things:.

  1. ... I am a genius and I do not have to. ... This case is considered to be clinical and not considered.

  2. People on their own (or take the team a man who does it ) starts to look complex business models. I call it ... Woe from Wit. ...

Here's the second option, I have encountered over the past two weeks, three ( TRI!!) Times. Very friendly people, very interesting projects. But spend their time more effectively than. This week, I broke up a model. walnut. She was very strong, according to my estimates it spent no less than 50 hours. Just painful to watch the 40 (!) With a sheet in Excel. Yesterday also saw heavy calculations, but they simply can be transformed, so not much time wasted. On Tuesday, I will work with the project. Who also spent some time in vain.

For most authors of such projects is the revelation that investors do not need. They must be quite different.

Where we should start a project. You have to start from the market and users, and then look at the business model.

What is meant by. assessment of market. Two factors - the size and the ability to obtain a significant share. Size, most often understood. Of such markets there is always a Research, Inc., articles, reports, analytics. But the share that you can get more difficult to assess. This implies a perfect knowledge of competitors and the market situation. These estimates are just very important.

Next we need to understand. users. It is necessary to their well- segmented. Knowing your users, good to segmentation, evaluation and understanding of their needs. Immediately after this it is necessary to make broad strokes. go-to-market strategy.

Based on the understanding of the users need to consider. product development. What are the main functions and properties must be realized that the market (consumers) the offer of. There also must be formulated. USP. ( Unique Selling Proposition ), which is desirable to protect the patent or know-how.

After this it is necessary to proceed to the main. construction. Business Model. We need to understand how, why and at what point we will have to pay, what channels of access to consumers will be used.

Possessing these data we estimate. volume of sales. by year. Separately assess the ability to scale. Cost of sales and production must grow much more slowly than revenue from the sale of.

After that, just write. only a few key figures. (30 minutes with a piece of paper, pencil and calculator ). And evaluate how this may be of interest to investors, which. IRR. it can get. Literally on the fingers. We have obtained through a simple answer to the question: '. Can an investor make money here?. 'If. YES. , the. Hurray!. Moving on.

All the data we have. After that, we reduce all the numbers in a document titled. Executi. ve. Summary. project. This document should get a short biography of the team, which is designed to convince investors that the. THEY. can. BUILD A. this. BUSINESS. Such a document should not exceed three pages. And it can be done in a week. Even without the basic training. Internet access and a couple of smart advice from knowledgeable people.


That's enough to start talking to investors. If they skzhut. ... ... In meetings with investors, or simply sammari experts will be updated. And every smallest change will require a Herculean effort to repel it ekselovskih sheets and more sheets, the more work.

I sincerely hope that this post will help to avoid unnecessary tedious, difficult, but, unfortunately, useless work.

I will not spread on the Habr. Zaklyuyut.

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