Monday, April 16, 2012

Birthday gift

This year, my desires have made about this picture: netbook modem from the Megaphone. The modem I can buy right now, as korporativschik kakbe money and do not mind. But without a Netbook, he does not need me nafeg. A netbook, I watch for a long time. Although he did not particularly want - I go, I rarely last year. But that's like.

Actually the requirements of the netbook:.
- Quick Video.
- Support for XP, even if the default is not worth it, but on the other axis trahatstsa no desire.
- Internet.
- Microsoft Office to work properly.
- If Photoshop is established and will be able to open up and even work - I'll pay with joy.
- Toys category Disciples - I do not play, but suddenly feel an urge.
- Weight of not more than 1. 5kg with the charging.
- The lower wall is not heated as coal in the stove - the work plan, including when he is on his knees.
- Battery life - 3 hours or more of video playback. Well, two films that lacked.
- The price up to pieces bucks.
- Design and pontovost not play any role, but the body must take a punch - the possibility that the body will be constantly tested for strength - is very likely. I'm not one of those who are too accurate to the technique.
- DVD -ROM drive is required. not buy it separately - no desire to.
- Desirable card reader. It just so happened that the camera poke card, not usbshki. but this is a non-critical parameter.
- At least two slots for usb. better yet three or four: mouse, flash drive, and even that the thread.
- Screen size not exceeding 12 inches, 10 inches is even better - it is optimal. I have good eyesight.

What will advise?. I now advise my suppliers (first) Notebook MSI. (U100-444EU - WHITE 10 '' WSVGA (1024x600) / Intel Atom 1. 6 GHz / Intel 945GSE / 2 GB DDR- 667 (1G 1G) / 160 GB SATA / WiFi / BT / Wcam / 1kg). over 19 thousand. rub. and ( second) 12 inch HP for $ 800.

This is important. My MD at the end of April!.

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