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The theory of social attraction

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Actually, there is no secret that. people are attracted to each other. So we form a pair, communities, clans. And here we must notice one feature of social behavior -. people always unite around someone. The desire for a more powerful and intelligent embedded in instincts - so primitive people were hiding behind the very strong male with a club, getting out of the cave. And in the legend of Danko people went to a man who pulled out of my chest heart with very to light their way. The tale of the Pied Piper of the Eule - series, I think Luke is not going to.

I call these people. attractors. - Points of attraction. If you want a small center, around which there is a twist, and subsequently formed his own planet. So around the informal leader of the class is always formed an entire clique of his supporters who will stand in solidarity with him and united.

But very few people notice that kind of thing -. Human -attractor can be extracted from the system. Generated around it, and nothing will change. The system will continue to live without it. Examples? . Ulyanov -Lenin was the same man -attractor. Around him, without prejudice to a skuchkovalis without prejudice to themselves ( as individuals ) are so vivid personalities as Kamenev, Zinoviev, Trotsky, Bukharin and others. About morbid love of the people of this individual can not remember. But over time due to illness, Lenin retired and then died. And the attractor is not, and his case was continued to grow.

T. e. the conclusion is simple. Man critical attractor in the system. Created by him, not as a person, and. the idea. Through which to move forward.

The second interesting feature of social attraction in the fact that the original ideological fullness is not so important. Much more important part of the mythological. Continuing on the same Lenin, and no one remembers why he cursed Capitalism. Although he applied a doubt of his arguments against the wall and at the time of utterance - true. But as time passed and it turned out that people are much. important to recognize their involvement. the great Lenin's affairs, rather than delve into what they consisted.

Conclusion number two. : Deeds and thoughts lidela dissolved in society as a medium mythologizing.

What gives attraction to people?. We can say that the idea of ​​the Great Helmsman capture the imagination and turn people's minds. However, if you get to the core of the process of attraction, then this is not true, to be exact - is not so. People initially tend to unite, they just do not always have the strength to find common ground with other people - with one, two, with ten - perhaps. But if we are talking about hundreds or thousands, the mind gives up: it is difficult to imagine yourself surrounded by thousands of friends.

Man -attractor by the way also did not imagine this is too. He did the social position no better than the other. Just this his social position is suited to many, or, more lyrically, finds an echo in my soul, regardless of intelligence level and consistency. T. e. Suddenly the air of an idea and its support, through which the idea at an early stage does not die. And around this idea, as a reference point in social space, begin to turn the unit first, and then the idea of ​​how the virus begins to spread farther and farther away, grabbing more and more people. There are macro and mikroattraktsii at the level of the supporters of the idea. It's quite an interesting process to watch it, if by.

Further, if the idea is interesting and tenacious, the attractor can be safely removed without affecting the system. Because the system does not need a man, and his idea. Actually this is determined by the persistence of ideas, and as such. Few remember the founder bomzhedvizheniya Moneymaker, and the idea of ​​living.

The most interesting is that the attraction is at the micro level: family, couple -. but more on that later. When I try to consider sociopathy, as a way to resolve almost any conflict.

Another question that I asked, and whether the attractors are a special feature in the practical and mercantile purposes. The answer - yes, enjoy. This feature is not hidden from them, and in many ways is their ability not only to earn bread. And foolish not to use what nature has given. My deep imho.

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