Friday, April 6, 2012

About the tags

Well. For myself, a loved one, said, spoke about politics, business, and now it's time to do.

And though in a strange blog with their tags do not go:) venture is a start tag and. There is a proposal to make tags more relevant - any visitor to this information- rich blog ( a bright future just around the corner. ) Could receive in response to a request for the tag is exactly what he wanted to know.

Consider from this point of view, all three existing tag.

a. ' Organizational issues '. This tag came here first with him and start. It is clear that at present this tag marked records relating to the organization of work of the blog. But it will take quite a bit (I hope ) of the time, the blog has successfully organized and start working - and the new posts on this topic will no longer appear. T. e. tag will cease to be relevant. And if so - he did the fig needed? . Have something in common in these words - it would be interesting to do comparative etymology:). Seriously - there is concern that this particular tag after a while becomes unclaimed.

2. ' TehVoprosy '. Again neponyatka eventually matures. Now, if I went into this blog is not now, when there three records, and, say, a year. Records - googol:), all - scroll - view to read - there is no time. I see the tag ' TehVoprosy ' - oh! . Click - and what we get? .

3. ' AnonsSobyty '. And what's the tag I do not like? . Well, of course, the general problem of the Russian language - we have, on average, the same terms are one and a half to two times longer than their English counterparts (although, perhaps, if the ' counterpart ' - it is likely the French. ). Second, a bit tautological. Well, what else, besides the events, you can advertise on a blog? . The output of new products? . ( c) The Red Sukhov. So, instead of ... And the ...

Well, criticized - and now you need to adjust the linings.

First, we must try to make a shorter tag. For example, the tags ... Then why does not the ... Let us approach the other side. About that now posts tagged with ... So let us replace the ... And about that ... So let's instead of ... About ...

Second, we can ( and probably should) begin to come up with the tags in advance of pace - a had not yet written posts. After just a blog about global. ECM. , Then some clear on what subjects are the notion of tags is broken. And new entrants will be easier: I wrote a post - and once the tag stuck to it, if not the only one....

Third... It would not be here in the post ... Not because there is nothing to say about the tag. And because you want a creative discussion with a large number of participants. Theme - it is quite a ECM- Nye - about metadata, by and large ).

So,. dixi. I'll wait - and new entrants, and new views.

And yes. Well this post is necessary, too, to come up with a tag. And let it be ' tags '. So what? . And it is a relevant, I think) ).

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